Friday, July 25, 2008

Gilroy Garlic Festival

A lot of garlic infused food tasting, a lot of walking, and more than enough sun later, we are finally back in our hotel room after a great day at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Lots of garlic. Then there was some more garlic. And finally, you guessed it, more garlic. We had a pretty good time. Take a look at some pictures we took today:

Garlic Cooking at its finest.

Garlic Roasted Turkey Legs.

Garlic Corn.

Garlic Bathrooms! :-)

And, of course, garlic ice cream!

Allie got her face painted.

And so did Kate.

We took our picture in front of this huge, flaming garlic.

We also got to take our picture with "Mr. Garlic!"

Tomorrow we are on our way to Gilroy Gardens (formerly called Bonfante Gardens). According to their website, Gilroy Gardens "is California's only horticultural theme park designed for families with young children and garden lovers featuring 21 rides, 27 attractions, 6 majestic gardens and the world famous Circus Trees." I don't know how good the circus performing trees will be, but I'll let you know tomorrow.


rowdox said...

Looks like fun! We like the face art. How was the "ice cream"? Have a great trip.


Lori said...

What a great idea! I grew up in South San Jose, "next door" to Gilroy, and never made it to the festival! Loved smelling the garlic fields on windy days, though. Looking forward to hearing all about it.